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  1. Nov 2020
    1. encouraged tutors to educate their students through practice, travel, and human interaction. In doing so, he argued that students would become active learners, who could claim knowledge for themselves.


    2. students would become passive adults, blindly obeying and lacking the ability to think on their own


    3. a child's curiosity could serve as an important teaching tool when the child is allowed to explore the things that the child is curious about


    4. successful students were those who were encouraged to question new information and study it for themselves


    1. 柯川、帕克、戴维斯(Miles Davis)、艾文斯(Bill Evans)、孟克(Thelonious Monk)、塔特姆(Art Tatum)

      我就是这么搜集癖,非要整理好三个看书时候的Playlist 一个莫扎特 一个巴赫 一个爵士乐每个乐手的最佳专辑

    1. we have announced start of book reading as of Nov 2020, and we just figured out not many people knows how to use ebook, so I have started research and trying to utilizing reader.epubee.com plus this popular notes taking tools. we will start next sunday for this chapter or reading and sharing

    1. You have 80,000 hours in your career

      it's amazing how things popping up around you. Was talking to my photographer today joking about I would have use his work when I'm on cover of Fortune magazine. I told him, anyone in my profession would have a shot at it, if stick to it for 40 yrs, considering I am 44 years old (6 years into my current profession) and I can work till 75 ( at least). by the way our found is at age 70 and recently announced 20 years of career plan.

    1. Seek stress

      the way to treat stress is drive by our past experience with it, it's a vicious circle if you don't drag yourself out of it. The more fear of stress, the less you can cope with stress and you turn to avoiding it, then less capable when facing it next time. The only way to be better at it is to build stronger muscle on coping with it by seeking right amount stress on your way fulfilling your purpose, that's when you use your strongest mental muscle to training yourself to gain stress handling muscle.

    2. Manage time Manage energy

      The reason we manage energy not time is like the resources on earth, is driven by perception and demand, when the price is up, the perception of it is in scarcity and when price falling it's perceived as abondance. What's actually happening is when demand is higher ( when you are under right amount of pressure) you turn to find ways to explore the untapped reservoir and be more efficient therefore it's going to be not limited nor knowing exact capacity