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  1. Jan 2020
  2. Sep 2019
  3. Jul 2019
    1. some parenting styles or early trauma, which can impair social and mental development, can contribute to creating the school bully. How about reaching out and asking the bully?

      The writer explain that bullying is a symptom of social impairment and mental development. Bullying have their own issues that need to be evaluated and possibly intervention. Writer suggest to reach out to bullies in order to find potential solutions for positive effects.

  4. Feb 2019
    1. Indeed, Japan’s parenting attitudes, as reflected in the World Values Survey, are closer to those in culturally remote Germany and the Netherlands than to China’s.

      This has got to be a huge difference from thirty years ago. Japan's demographic problems have meant that every kid has a future now.

  5. Dec 2018
    1. But the bottom line seems to be that we now have a better idea why rewards work better than punishment with pre-adolescent children. So if it is an explanation you need for why you should reward good behavior more than punish bad behavior, at least with pre-adolescent children, now you have one. The task that still remains, of course, is regulating one's own irritability, frustration and thus behavior in the face of annoying child behavior so that we can ignore it.
  6. Oct 2018
    1. The psychologist Richard Freed, who wrote a book about the dangers of screen-time for kids and how to connect them back to real world experiences, divides his time between speaking before packed rooms in Silicon Valley and his clinical practice with low-income families in the far East Bay, where he is often the first one to tell parents that limiting screen-time might help with attention and behavior issues.
    2. It wasn’t long ago that the worry was that rich students would have access to the internet earlier, gaining tech skills and creating a digital divide. Schools ask students to do homework online, while only about two-thirds of people in the U.S. have broadband internet service. But now, as Silicon Valley’s parents increasingly panic over the impact screens have on their children and move toward screen-free lifestyles, worries over a new digital divide are rising. It could happen that the children of poorer and middle-class parents will be raised by screens, while the children of Silicon Valley’s elite will be going back to wooden toys and the luxury of human interaction.
  7. Sep 2018
    1. helicopter parenting is ruining future generations. By kid-coddling, parents are not letting their children experience obstacles in life that they need to overcome in order to grow and gain more knowledge. The logos appeal "Seventy-one percent of American adults think of 18-to-29-year-olds-millennials, basically- as "selfish," and 65% of us think of them as "entitled." That's according to the latest Reason-Rupe Poll, a quarterly survey of 1,000 representative adult Americans." refers back to the thesis " Millennials Are Selfish and Entitled, and Helicopter Parents Are to Blame." The reading reaches out to parents who may be concerned on how to raise their children.

    1. Everywhere we remain unfree and chained to technology, whether we passionately affirm or deny it. But we are delivered over to it in the worst possible way when we regard it as something neutral;

      Technology has the human enslave. Giving great thought to this if you look around most humans cannot "live" without technology. Is as if technology has become the oxygen to human life. Parents now a days has use technology to do the parenting and the babysitting for them. You see 2-3 year old toddler glued to the phone. But if technology were to vanish human life would be a lot more difficult than it already is.

  8. May 2017
    1. Turn all her mother's pains and benefits KL I.iv.284  To laughter and contempt, that she may feel KL I.iv.285  How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is KL I.iv.286  To have a thankless child! Away, away! KL I.iv.286  Exit

      Let it be a wicked child who mocks the mother who cares for it. Make my daughter feel—make her feel how an ungrateful child hurts worse than a snakebite.—Now let’s leave. Go!

  9. Mar 2017
  10. Feb 2017
    1. feeling the most unhappy or depressed when their children are in middle school

      So, middle school is rough for parents also. I think we should get rid of it...

    2. "Parenting a tween is harder than mothering an infant,"

      People with infants don't want to hear or believe this.

  11. Aug 2016
    1. life is full of enough difficult things that we do not need to make life more difficult on purpose.
    2. We don’t have to turn every choice into an object lesson. Nor do we need to make childhood as joyless as adulthood can be.
  12. Oct 2013
    1. Nor let those parents, who have not had the fortune to get learning themselves, bestow the less care on the instruction of their children, but let them, on this very account, be more solicitous as to other particulars.

      Do not let the parents limitations pass on to their children.