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  1. Jun 2019
    1. Dr Philip Augar

      Good writer (or at least this foreword was well-written)! https://philipaugar.com/about/

    2. to propose remedies that are practical and realistic in addressing the issues it has identified
      1. Choice
      2. Value for money
      3. Access
      4. Skills provision
    3. We therefore endorse the established principle that students and the state should share the cost of tertiary education. We support the income-contingent repayment approach as a means of delivering this fairly, with those benefitting the most making the greatest contribution.

      Student Contribution System = new name for students and the state sharing the cost of tertiary education, with an income-contingent repayment approach (those benefitting the most making the greatest contribution...[what does this mean?])

    4. lifelong learning loan allowance to be used at higher technical and degree level at any stage of an adult’s career for full and part-time students.

      ! lifelong learning loan allowance

    5. Getting employers to pay for the whole system would put too much emphasis on economic value alone.

      I'm guessing education employers fund for their employees is excluded from the education this document considers?

    6. high return courses

      ? see if this is defined later Also, what's included in 'technical' training here?

    7. Post-18 (or ‘tertiary’) education

      Post-18 or tertiary education = education of those 18 years old and older (higher education, further education, etc.)