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  1. Feb 2019
    1. s a living document which will in future years will need updating as digital technology evolves.

      So how do you contribute, what's the plan for updating etc?

    2. Research methodologies and methods used must be open for full discussion and review by peers and stakeholders.

      So does this mean totally open? As in publish your protocols open?

    3. an openness to feedback from participants and fellow researchers, including the willingness to change one’s own practice.

      But how to do you get that feedback? Is this a call for more openness? Can you really get feedback just from a peer-reviewed paywalled journal article?

    4. to show respect for all entities (persons and communities, as appropriate) involved, recognising their inherent dignity and not simply seeing them as means who can be exploited to achieve the researchers’ ends;

      Many of these seem obvious but what does it actually mean to be this into action?

    5. to report findings openly and accurately, this includes in particular (where feasible and appropriate) to report findings back to the participants and communities who have engaged in the work, in a form and in language that is useful and accessible for the participants and partners involved;

      this seems to be the minimum - how can you take this further? What about community benefit agreements?