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  1. Jan 2019
    1. Efficacy of interventions

      It would be really interesting to see what a social network would look in a summer camp, for example, pre- and post- team-building as an intervention.

      As a teacher at an expeditionary learning school, I get the feeling that putting my students on expeditions with each other gives them stronger bonds with one another. But - is my intuition correct?

    2. density

      I'm already thinking about what network density looks like in a very real sense. Is it a very tight-knit group of friends? A person who makes lots of connections between ideas?

    3. After all, characteristics such as one's academic history or educational aspirations influence who one knows and spends time with.

      This strikes me as a chicken, egg, omelet sort of statement (in the words of Nina Asher, our favorite research methods professor)