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  1. Jun 2015
    1. Email address
      1. Email address and name fields need to be longer.
      2. Is it clear that we need one or more of email and phone?

      Do we actually ever need both? If not, we could just ask "How would you like us to contact you?" And then show the relevant field with progressive disclosure.

    1. Mobile (out and about)

      One users gaze went back up to the 'Select all that apply' text at this point. We were able to ask him about this and he confirmed that he wanted to check whether he was supposed to be selecting multiple options or not.

    1. Desktop computer

      In this and other research we've observed that some users continue to click on the control rather than the grey box.

      We tested an alternate design alongside this one, with larger controls. The users (all high computer confidence) were very slightly faster at clicking the controls (as per Fitts Law).

      Equivalent testing on GOV.UK Verify with low confidence users shows the speed difference is much more pronounced.

    2. devices

      One user wasn't sure what 'counts' as a device

    1. No

      This is an eligibility question. Answering 'No' ends the transaction.

    2. Back to the previous question. Question 1 of 16

      In eye-tracking 0/4 users looked at this page element.

      However, it may have value for users who need to refer to the page via some other channel (eg, over the phone).

    1. prefer not to say

      "I'm tempted to select 'prefer not to say' when I see it"

      "It depends on who's asking. If it was Facebook I'd choose it for everything, but if it's the Government and I'm trying to get some money then fine"