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  1. Dec 2021
    1. My workflow feels cumbersome for those posts today so I want to try and build a better workflow, probably while still using Jekyll + Github Pages… If anyone has ideas I’m all ears.

      Since writing this post I've launched a notes section of my site hosted on Micro Blog (so I can post from my phone). I'm liking it so far though I have to figure out how to style it to be consistent with the rest of the site...


  2. Dec 2020
    1. my close friend Jim runs Part & Sum which is his brand for the consulting work he does.

      Lol - it's now 2020 and P+S is a full agency with 10-15 employees! Ha.

    2. In fact, if you’re curious - for now the whole site is still online here: yesand.nyc

      As of 2020 this site is offline now. The screenshot above represents the site pretty faithfully though...

    1. (PS - if you think this idea is nuts, wait till you hear the expanded version of this pitch that includes Mozilla acquiring Tumblr….)

      Lol I wrote this years ago and now I too want to hear the expanded pitch.....

  3. Jun 2020
    1. I’m quite amazed that I don’t have to change anything by hand: it’s just…nicely presented!

      Thanks :)

    2. Will there be templates for formatting one’s quotes in different ways?

      Yes! This is on the roadmap - though mostly I think the customization will be around the markdown styling not the styled embed - I think that will stay pretty stable for a bit at least.

      Are there things you'd like to see styled differently in the embed?

    3. I’d love to see my quotes be fed into Readwise even though I’m unsure whether I really want that; I somehow like the tool not being synced to any cloud storage.

      I'm not familiar with Readwise... But quotebacks lets you export your quotes as a JSON file. Is there a way to re-format this into a Readwise import? that would be the easiest way to at least test a proof of concept... If you know of an import template happy to take a stab at formatting the export.

  4. Jul 2019
    1. How to think on your feet without bullshitting

      I'd love to hear thoughts and feedback on this idea. I've definitely skirted this line in the past but I always try super hard to avoid BS. So important for long term client work to gain trust and if you're seen as a BS outsider you're never going to get the buy-in from people to get things done. Easier said than done sometimes though!

    2. workshops as portals

      This name came in part from the book "An emissaries guide to worlding" and I think there's a really rich analogy for workshops as portals. Might completely break that analogy by writing 5000 words about it though. We'll see!

    3. concrete examples from other indie consultants

      If you have ideas and suggestions here I'm all ears

    4. in-line comments just like Google Docs

      See, just like this :)

  5. May 2019
  6. hyp-mobile.glitch.me hyp-mobile.glitch.me
    1. age. Made

      A quick and dirty attempt to prototype a mobile-UI for hypothesis that loads on the sidebar on desktop and in a bottom "tray" on mobile. Try the page out! Lots still unsolved about how to open close the tray and more but you can at least get a feel for this on mobile.

      I think I like it!

    1. What we would end up with is not only a bunch of personal websites but a whole interconnected personal-website-verse

      Referencing this in the context of my iannotate.org conference talk around annotation perhaps helping with this interconnected layer.

    1. Update 5

      Testing my annotation tracker by posting one here. More to be explained soon.

  7. Feb 2019
  8. Sep 2018
    1. Check it out and see how you like it

      Turns out (8 months later) I don't like it very much. Ha. The core functionality is there but it needs some UI love. ESPECIALLY on mobile. Basically un-useable on mobile

    1. business entity can be a means of self-expression and an aesthetic medium of its own

      Yes yes yes. This whole section on business as self expression is interesting. Would love to see more here.

    2. an endless homogeneity of Instagram lifestyle influencers

      But - I bet your instagram feed is not a homogenous feed of influencers. Nor is mine. I enjoy and am challenged by the aesthetics in my feed (in between the baby photos).

      Mainstream culture has always been banal and boring and homogenous.

      What tools do we have to interrogate the fringes? What tools do we have to measure the diversity of aesthetics? I'm not sure such tools exist (nor perhaps would we want them to)

    3. The status associated with aesthetic novelty is eroding, and novelty itself has become increasingly difficult to eke out of a system in which everything is visible, accessible, and relativized. The graphic design profession is being strangled in a race to the bottom of the market, and the distributed network topology of the internet is largely responsible; aesthetics has, simply put, been disrupted.

      While I'm agreeing with the overall piece this is the point I disagree with. Can you justify this? Is it really harder than ever to be a graphic designer?

      I feel like there's a central principle of decentralized network in that they are hard (impossible?) to address in totality and so any understanding of them "feels" like a race to the bottom and a flattening (of aesthetic, of taste, of whatever). But in truth I think there is probably more graphic design innovation now than ever before. And likely more graphic designers than ever before.

      What does this do to the notion of "mainstream"? I'm not sure. Perhaps that's where my uneasiness lies.

    4. Cheap

      Everything above here about authorship is grade A gold. Love it.

    5. The combination of ubiquitous exposure and the obliteration of predictable context desensitizes consumers to aesthetic novelty. Just as aesthetics can no longer truly die, it is now difficult to create an aesthetic that will be experienced as truly new.

      While I'm not on the bleeding edge of fashion or visual culture this doesn't feel true to me. I am constantly surprised by novel aesthetics

    6. The 70s are always coming back to someone

      I think this is a very deep idea with a ton of implications

    7. the market values aesthetic edginess

      Reading this piece, I'm agreeing with so much of it but somehow here I think something begins to come off the rails slightly. Treating "the market" as a singular thing is a mistake - or an oversimplification. As you mention later the 70s is always coming back somewhere. There are so many markets - a dizzying number....

  9. Jan 2018
    1. Overall - not sure hypothesis is ready for prime time yet - their mobile UI in particular is a mess...

    2. In-line comments

      I've enabled in-line comments on the page using hypothesis! Try it out....

  10. Nov 2017