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  1. Jul 2020
  2. May 2019
    1. How do we prevent putting annotators in a bubble while still enabling annotators to discover annotations they care about?

    2. Annotations we made during the education workshop.

    3. We should annotate this program! If any program should be annotated, it should be this one. I can't get out to DC this month, but I am VERY interested in this topic. I will definitely be cyber-stalking this conference.

    1. I checked out this presentation in Google Docs. Some really great ideas!

    2. This would be a good space to let folks really kick the tires with Hypothes.is. I am wondering why they seem reluctant to let the crowd loose on the "actual" program? If someone finds the notes and such distracting, one can turn them off. This is a great feature of Hypothes.is. I sometimes like to read a document all the way through before I read any comments or notes.

    3. Despite not being able to attend this conference, I am finding the Twitter feed and the program to be very useful and interesting.

    1. What we would end up with is not only a bunch of personal websites but a whole interconnected personal-website-verse

      Referencing this in the context of my iannotate.org conference talk around annotation perhaps helping with this interconnected layer.