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  1. Feb 2021
    1. Mr. Trump tweeted the typosquatted hashtag


    2. The asymmetry of attention mirrored that of the Hunter Biden laptop story; while the far-right press was copiously covering it, mainstream news publications were much more careful, largely because most newsrooms were not given access to the documents.


    3. Twitter accounts with “Himalaya” in the handle used the #BidenCrimeFamily hashtag to spread those photos across Twitter.


    4. People sharing the Post article used the hashtag to collate all the information across social media platforms.


    5. #BidenCrimeFamily, and the typo, is a crash course in how to rally supporters around a conspiracy theory


    6. In the last month, on Facebook alone, posts with the hashtag had about 277,000 “interactions”

      evidence - specific details

    7. That moment wasn’t random. #BidenCrimeFamily is part of a yearlong, effective disinformation campaign against Joe Biden

      argument - "moment wasn't random"