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  1. Feb 2019
    1. Blood River had not changed their hue by coming under the use of man

      Even while being used by men, the woman are still women, they bleed/have periods

    2. He led me into a room, stifling with a strange, blood-like, abdominal heat

      room/machine is like a womb

    3. cord being snapped

      umbilical cord being snapped, just as the paper is separated from the machine, just as happens in birth

    4. it only struck me as so strange that red waters should turn out pale chee — paper, I mean.

      red somehow becomes pure/white

    5. dark-complexioned man

      dark complexion contrasts with white of everything else

    6. Two white spots like the whites of your eyes

      blank,white used a lot

    7. At rows of blank-looking counters sat rows of blank-looking girls, with blank, white folders in their blank hands, all blankly folding blank paper.

      repeated use of blank

    8. I looked upon the first girl’s brow, and saw it was young and fair; I looked upon the second girl’s brow, and saw it was ruled and wrinkled. Then, as I still looked, the two — for some small variety to the monotony — changed places; and where had stood the young, fair brow, now stood the ruled and wrinkled one.

      both old and young girls are used

  2. Feb 2018