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    1. Annotation is a headline, fixed. “Covid-19 is likely in 2022 due to failures in public health.” On this day in 2020 the World Health Organization confirmed human-to-human spread of the novel coronavirus. A headline from The Economist fixed with redaction and addition by Jorge A. Caballero.

    1. 404 / Page Not Found

      Annotation is Not Found. “The requested URL…was not found on this server.” "We couldn't find that page." Two notes about the removal of “The 1776 Report” from the White House website, based on screenshots from 1/20/21 (during the Biden/Harris Inauguration) and 1/20/22 (yesterday). #Annotate22 21/365

    1. Vote Summary 

      Annotation is a chyron. KEEP CURRENT FILIBUSTER RULES YES 52 | NO 48. A text-based graphic displayed on the lower area of a television broadcast and that reported, yesterday, a failure to protect American democracy and people's constitutional right to vote. #Annotate22 20/365

    1. In the marginalia, too, we talk only to ourselves; we therefore talk freshly — boldly — originally — with abandonnement — without conceit

      Annotation is marginalia. “In the marginalia, too, we talk only to ourselves; we therefore talk freshly—boldly— originally—with abandonnement—without conceit.” Edgar Allan Poe born on this day, January 19, 1809. #Annotate22 19/365

    1. Jen also points out that Design Thinking reduces design to a single tool: the 3M Post-It note.

      Leaving this as a note here for @Bonni228 and her note on Post Its here https://hyp.is/O9zpRG4wEey6j7tB382Liw/forge.medium.com/13-ways-of-looking-at-a-post-it-note-6d72cd035c7d

      Hmmm, does Hypothes.is have anything like track backs?

      Anyhow here was a more critical look at Post-It mania

  2. www.drmartinlkingjrchc.org www.drmartinlkingjrchc.org
    1. Welcome to the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Colorado Holiday Commissions "Marade." This parade is the Only one of it's kind in the nation.

      Annotation is a Marade route. The annual march and parade, or “Marade,” in Denver, Colorado, has grown to be one of the largest Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebrations in the United States. The program begins at 9:30a MT at City Park, followed by the Marade down Colfax Ave. to Civic Center. If you're local, please join! #Annotate22 17/365

    1. Introduction: Making Race and Gender Politics on Twitter

      Annotation is #HashtagActivism. "The strategic ways counterpublic groups and their allies on Twitter employ this shortcut to make political contentions about identity politics that advocate for social change, identity redefinition, and political inclusion." From the Introduction (p. xxviii) to Hashtag Activism by Sarah J. Jackson, Moya Bailey, and Brooke Foucault Welles. #Annotate22 16/365

  3. Jan 2022
    1. Annotation is a correction control sheet.

      Pg. 3 / last line / strong economic withdrawal

      List of 14 corrections added to the document “Birmingham Jail Treatise of Martin Luther King Jr” (see last page of PDF). Accessed via The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine from The Martin Luther King, Jr., Research and Education Institute. #Annotate22 15/365

    1. Whatever the difficulties, you’re probably better off just being yourself.


    2. In this essay you seem to be constantly on the verge of something interesting but, somewhat, you always fail to explain it clearly.

      Annotation is a grade with criticism. “In this essay you seem to be constantly on the verge of something interesting but, somewhat, you always fail to explain it clearly.” An instructor grading Jacques Derrida. #Annotate22 13/365

    1. I have been enjoying using Miro to get the feel of stickies, but with an easier method for long-distance collaboration and solving the storage issue.

    2. The sheer diversity of things one uses Post-It notes to think about is a testament to their cognitive flexibility.

      Annotation is a Post-It note. "The sheer diversity of things one uses Post-It notes to think about is a testament to their cognitive flexibility... They’re fractal." #Annotate22 5/365

    1. Dust tracks on a Road. Holograph manuscript

      Annotation is authoritative. “Parts of this manuscript were not used in the final composition of the book for publisher’s reasons.” A clarifying note by Zora Neale Hurston about “Dust Tracks on a Road,” date January 14, 1942 (on this day 80 years ago). #Annotate22 14/365

    1. there is something so aesthetically pleasing at least for me about an annotated book it just sparks happiness

      Annotation is happiness. “There is something so aesthetically pleasing, at least for me, about an annotated book. It just sparks happiness.” BookTuber MelReads (Melania Diaz) in the video "✍🏻 how i ANNOTATE my books // tips on annotating for beginners." #Annotate22 12/365

    1. Books

      Annotation is erasure poetry. “I came of age in a culture of demons I respect more than women.” An erasure, or blackout, poem by @isobelohare, from the book "all this can be yours," that redacts and reimagines apology statements. #Annotate22 10/365

    1. Royal 10 E IV f. 61v Rabbit beheading a man

      Annotation is a killer rabbit. Drolleries are small decorative images–people, mermaids, monsters, killer rabbits–drawn in the margins of medieval manuscripts. Detail of the Smithfield Decretals (13th/14th century). #Annotate22 9/365

    1. Annotation is a memorial plaque. “In dieser Zeit entstanden die Alben ‘Low’ ‘Heroes’ und ‘Lodger.’ Sie gingen als Berliner Trilogie in die Musikgeschichte ein ‘We can be heroes, just for one day.’" Happy Birthday David Bowie. #Annotate22 8/365

    1. inside the Senate chamber

      Annotation is a threat and criminal. “It’s only a matter of time justice is coming.” Note by Jacob Chansley written at desk of Vice President Mike Pence in the U.S. Senate chamber on January 6, 2021. #Annotate22 6/365

    1. [Verse 1]

      Annotation is a comment on song lyrics. “I have avoided explaining these lyrics for over 25 years. I am not going to start doing it now.” A “Verified Annotation” by singer Seal regarding his 1994 song “Kiss From a Rose.” #Annotate22 4/365

    1. Don't be a Maskhole/Masks Save Lives

      Annotation is a cat, and a heart, juxtaposed reminders.

      “Masks Save Lives” “Protect the Vulnerable Don’t Be a Mask Hole”

      Please stay safe if returning to either school or work this week. #Annotate22 3/365

    1. and also noting the importance for some of the concept of ‘climate justice’3, when taking action to address climate change,

      Annotation is a highlight with a footnote. “‘Climate justice’ is the umbrella cause… It is about ensuring that efforts to address climate change take into account human rights and social inequality." #Annotate22 2/365

  4. booktraces-public.lib.virginia.edu booktraces-public.lib.virginia.edu
    1. BOOK SUBMISSION: Long Ago

      Annotation is a dedication, a date, a flower. “I give this June day to Ms. Gordon Bottomley the inside of this book. Michael Field June 5, 1908.” MF was a pseudonym for authors Katherine Bradley and niece Edith Cooper. #Annotate22 1/365