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  1. May 2018
    1. actionINQUIRY

      Our thanks to partner author and writing project director Steven Zemelman, as well as his publisher Heinemann, for contributing this text from From Inquiry to Action: Civic Engagement with Project-Based Learning in All Content Areas to the 2017-18 Writing Our Civic Futures project.

      Also join Steve and educators Mauricio Pineda, Elizabeth Robbins, and Heather Van Benthuysen and the co-founders of Marginal Syllabus, Remi Kalir and Joe Dillon, for a related discussion of the text and thoughts on annotation. The broadcast will be available at Educator Innovator on May 8.

      We also want to celebrate the fact that Steve has been a regular contributor and participant in the 2017-2018 Writing Our Civic Futures. Thank you Steve!