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    1. Once Satoshi Nakamoto published his white paper on Bitcoin on the P2P Foundation Ning forum
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        • Satoshi Nakamoto white paper
        • bitcoin
        • P2P Foundation Ning website
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        • I didn't realize that Satoshi Nakamoto first published his paper on the P2P Foundation Ning website.
  2. Jun 2019
    1. Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System

      We hope you enjoy our curations of blockchain content across the internet as well as our guides. You can find us at https://ethdocs.github.io and join the conversation!

  3. Mar 2019
    1. DFINITY, Near, Polkadot

      These projects are all funded or founded by individuals with significant social and financial capital. They are therefore well positioned to challenge ethereum's dominance.

      By contrast, consider Satoshi Nakamoto's launch of the bitcoin network. As a pseudonymous persona with no history attached to it, Nakamoto had no social capital to speak of. This social capital had to be bootstrapped through a corpus of communications on the cryptography mailing list, and other fora.

      So bitcoin was launched with minimal social capital, by contrast to ethereum.

  4. Feb 2019
    1. 一直使用加密技术现身本就给中本聪披上神秘的外衣;即设计出比特币系统又对其未来发展有着全面考虑,则让他被贴天才标签。难怪有人会认为中本聪是外星人、AI或神秘组织。但你若继续深挖,便会逐渐打消这些念头;慢慢发现中本聪并没有我们想得那么神,也没有所谓的科幻和阴谋色彩。

      <big>评:</big><br/><br/> 中本聪是「神」吗?<br/><br/> 在回答这个问题前,应当扪心自问:我们是「人」吗?在技术原教旨主义大行其道的年代,技术从业者的世界观亦逐渐被这一行行二进制符号定义、控制、编码。既然如此,精神领袖是否有必要在三次元世界存在对应的物质实体?中本聪真实身份的探寻者们忽视了比特币主网络上线运行那一刻的即时意义——在那一刻,Satoshi Nakamoto 的身份迷思就已倾然瓦解。这使人联想到艺术家丹尼尔 · 布伦(Daniel Buren)对于「在场」(on-site)概念的演绎——他的作品总是诞生在它所处的位置上,而不是如同绝大多数艺术家那样在工作室实现后再转移到展厅展示。布伦在艺术上是成功的,但这群探秘者却给自己设下了一道无解谜题。