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  1. Nov 2020
  2. May 2020
    1. examples, listing both the conventional systems and their counterpart systems: Conventional schooling Home schooling Encyclopedia Britannica Wikipedia Microsoft Office Open Office Taxicabs Uber Hotel chains Airbnb Big-box stores Ebay National currency Cryptocurrency
  3. Dec 2015
    1. v := RTView new. s := (RTBox new size: 30) + RTLabel. es := s elementsOn: (1 to: 20). v addAll: es. RTGridLayout on: es. v

      Nice! Here is just another example with no single letter named variables, and more explicit data:

      | visual composedShape data viewElements |
      visual := RTView new.
      data := #('lion-o' 'panthro' 'tigro' 'chitara' 'munra' 'ozimandias' 'Dr Manhatan').
      composedShape := (RTEllipse new size: 100; color: Color veryLightGray) + RTLabel.
      viewElements := composedShape elementsOn: data.
      visual addAll: viewElements. 
      RTGridLayout on: viewElements.

      At the beginning I understood that data "comes from Smalltalk", but may be adding some tips with alternative examples, explicit data and longer variable names, could help newbies like me by offering comparisons with numerical and intrinsic data inside the image. The explanation about composed shapes and "+" sign is very well done.