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  1. Feb 2019
    1. different countries and re-mote ages, wherein the speakers and writers had very different notions, tempers, customs, orna-ments, and figures of speech, &c., every one of which influenced the signification of their words

      Brings to mind Rickert's rhetorics and Siegert's cultural techniques

  2. Jul 2018
    1. A cultural rhetorics orientation requires an investment in a methodological frame that values the relation among history, practice, and knowledge.

      "history, practice, and knowledge."

  3. May 2016
    1. Engagement with decolonization and decolonial practices is central to the work of most cultural rhetorics scholars.

      Are there colonial methodologies? If so, how can we implement the methodological practices of a culture (i.e. Mormonism) and apply them to a cultural rhetorics study? Wouldn't that be furthering colonialism?

      Zooming further out: are there instances where one shouldn't adopt methodologies of a culture?