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  1. Mar 2022
    1. Of course, users are still the source of the insight that makes a complete document also a compelling document.

      Nice that he takes a more humanistic viewpoint here rather than indicating that it will all be artificial intelligence in the future.

  2. Sep 2021
    1. # 21:30 @voxpelli ↩️ Better to name things for what they are rather than trying to make it into something else through deceptive names like "web 3.0". I mean, eg. the IndieWeb could also have called itself "web 3.0", I guess Mastodon could as well. There truly must be a better name? (twitter.com/_/status/1442601857105346560)

      The conversation here makes me wonder about the idea of a more humanist web following onto the humanist movement in the 1400-1500s.