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  1. Jan 2023
    1. Punishment does not teach a person how to behave appropriately.

      It teaches what not to do (avoidance) but not how to act desirably.

    2. Skinner’s learning theories have been discredited by more current ones that consider higher order and more complex forms of learning.

      Conditioning has no bearing on showing understanding of the lessons learned. Can a rat explain why it is shocked vs getting a food pellet? Can it transfer that knowledge to a new situation? Or is conditioning simply forming habits?

    1. Skinner found that when and how often behaviors were reinforced played a role in the speed and strength of acquisition.

      Immediately praising or responding can increase the association of the behavior with the response.

    2. negatively reinforcing your behavior (not your child's).

      We learn that removing children screaming makes our situation more pleasant. The method of removing that child is the learned behavior.

    3. Respondent behaviors

      This seems to counter learned behaviors. There is no reinforcement after this kind of response. How does it fit?

      Maybe it fits because operant conditioning is concerned with learning, not necessarily responses?

    4. Skinner was more interested in how the consequences of people's actions influenced their behavior.

      Applying motivations after the fact. All behaviors are determined by the response and are learned.

  2. Mar 2016