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  1. May 2022
    1. We believe that Facebook is also actively encouraging people to use tools like Buffer Publish for their business or organization, rather than personal use. They are continuing to support the use of Facebook Pages, rather than personal Profiles, for things like scheduling and analytics.

      Of course they're encouraging people to do this. Pushing them to the business side is where they're making all the money.

  2. Jan 2022
    1. Still, link-in-bio companies have built-in risks that can make the idea of them sticking around for the long term feel like a fantasy. They rely almost entirely on Instagram and TikTok for their traffic. If the two platforms wanted to, they could replicate many of the new tools that link-in-bio companies have rolled out. “Instagram’s specialty is figuring out other third-party services that are building things on top of their platform and then duplicating those services themselves,” Haberman said. For example, after Instagram users began posting affiliate links to Amazon and other e-commerce sites in order to earn a commission from the products they hype, the platform introduced its own affiliate tool that keeps users from leaving Instagram.

      Regardless of what third party businesses do, they'll always be at the mercy of the major platforms. And as a result, the users that rely on them will always be stuck in an arms race.