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  1. Oct 2020
    1. Description: This article begins with a thorough analysis of adult learners and andragogy. The author gives both the positive and negative reviews of andragogy before delving into the technology advancements of this era. The authors discusses social medias effect on society and education before writing about andragogy and technology together. Finally, he ends on the integration of technology and gives examples of effective usage of technology in adult education.

      Rating: 7/10

      Reason for rating: The information presented is well thought out and supported with citations. Yet, the text is difficult to understand at times and repeats ideas.

    1. Description: The article describes four pillars when integrating technology into an educational setting. The four parts are the implementation models such as blended or supplemental, reflecting on using data to drive technology integration, creating a technology rich infrastructure, and supporting the instructors. In each of these pieces, the author outlines best practices and other recommendations.

      Rating: 10/10

      Reason for rating: This article specifically discusses adult learners and technology integration. It gives practical advice which is easy to understand and follow. The information is supported through infographics and bullet point lists to help readers firmly understand the main points of the document. Additionally, the text uses many credible sources to support their theories and claims.

  2. Nov 2019
    1. the younger educators are more inclined to use technology to enhance learning. It can be very time consuming and because of this many enthusiastic educators fall by the way and refuse to preserve with the task of using technology in the classroom.

      This author of this article discusses the topic of how some teachers are comfortable with their form of teaching with no technology in their curriculum or their classroom. The author expresses that technology promotes changes in behavior and grasping teaching skills. The use of technology in the classroom is a good tool for the students. Rating: 4/5

    1. ABE includes programs thatprovide instruction in reading, writing, math, communications, and other basicskills as it prepares these students to take the General Educational Development(GED) exam.

      The article was great resource for the topic for technology and how it is being used in the classroom, specifically in basic skills (reading, writing, math, and communication) that assist the student to take the GED exam. The article expresses on the topics of the impact of technology, technology integration, technology barriers/anxiety, the need for the study, and the research results. Rating: 4/5

    1. Although educators may use technology for personal use, technology may not be used to supportlearningor prepare students for thecurrent digital culture.

      This article focused on how K-8 and K-5 classrooms fail to use the technology in their classrooms. In the first section of this article, the author defines the problem and provides a conceptual framework for the problem. In the second section of this article, the author presents the research, data that was collected during the study, and the participants that were involved. In section three, the project description and the projected goal was shared. Along with the literature that was reviewed, obstacles that were encountered, evaluation, and changes that were made to change the predicted outcome. The last section, section four concluded with the strengths, limitations, other approaches that were encountered during the project. The project closed out with the analysis, changes that effected the project/social change, and future research. Rate: 4/5

    1. Technology helps change the student/teacher roles and relationships: students take responsibility for their learning outcomes, while teachers become guides and facilitators. Technology lends itself as the multidimensional tool that assists that process.

      5) This article defines the importance of having technology in the classroom and how it is used to improve the skills/minds of students. It includes activities and other resources to assist the reader.