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  1. Jan 2023
    1. Box Update!


      Example of a zettelkasten maintainer (u/A_Dull_Significance) who has shown a photo of their zettelkasten box with the superimposed words "My Baby!" over the box label as a means of indicating how valuable it is to them.

  2. Sep 2022
    1. Experience here, as in the tasksof critical scholarship,^ has decided in favour of thesystem of slips.



  3. Aug 2022
    1. Update now that I'm three years in to my PhD program and am about to start on my lit reviews and dissertation research... Holy Forking Shirtballs, am I glad I started my ZK back in 2020!!! * I cannot tell you how often I've used it to write my course papers. * I cannot tell you how often I've had it open during class discussions to back up my points. * I cannot tell you how lazy I've gotten with some of my entries (copying and pasting text instead of reworking it into my own words), and how much I wish I had taken the time to translate those entries for myself.
    2. I'm currently in a second master's program with a thesis coming up in about 8 months. I could not write my reports without my ZK. No going back for me! I'm also now more confident that I could pursue a PhD.