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  1. Aug 2022
  2. Apr 2022
    1. 社交媒体的问题是永不结束。它只让你看最新的东西,就像在轮子上奔跑的仓鼠一样,我们生活在消耗短暂内容的无限循环中,结果我们失去了历史感。



    1. 互联网时代的信息质量,呈现两极化。信息的平均质量变得越来越差,但是你能从网上找到的最有用信息,质量正越来越好。 这就好比一个商品极大丰富的市场,对普通消费者是不利的,因为他不知道怎么选择琳琅满目的商品;但对高水平消费者非常有利,因为他能找到最满足自己需要的商品。
  3. Apr 2021
    1. 技术正在发展一定程度的自治,它好像正在以某种方式利用人类来创造它自己。 -- Paul Kingsnorth
  4. Feb 2021
    1. Future media and technologies – including what happens when virtual reality and augmented reality, for example, are combined with accelerated computational power – could amplify this angelic tendency, says Miroshnichenko, and bring about a new kind of “augmented humanity”. “Now we are about to totally live inside our latest medium. Almost all our activities are already there. Humankind is resettling from biological bodies into the digital body.”How, ultimately, media and technology affect us all – and the degree to which human nature is remoulded and redefined by our ‘tools’ – is open to debate. And that’s McLuhan’s point: “The central purpose of all my work is to convey this message,” he told Playboy magazine. “That by understanding media as they extend man, we gain a measure of control over them.”

      米罗什尼琴科说,未来的媒体和技术——包括虚拟现实和增强现实等与加速的计算能力相结合时发生的事情——可能会放大这种天使般的趋势,并带来一种新的 "增强人类"。"现在,我们将完全生活在我们最新的媒介中。我们几乎所有的活动都已经在那里了。人类正在从生物体重新安置到数字体。"

      最终,媒体和技术如何影响我们所有人——以及人性在多大程度上被我们的 "工具 "重塑和重新定义——有待商榷。而这也是麦克卢汉的观点:"我所有工作的核心目的是传达这个信息,"他告诉《花花公子》杂志。"通过理解媒介对人类的延伸,我们获得了对它们的一定程度的控制权。"

    2. “Electronic media cancelled the physical time and space limitation for humans to be present at events. Digital media advanced this new quality of human beings even more, they make time elastic, which is impossible in physical reality. In video games, a player can slow down, stop, reverse, repeat time. Resurrection becomes everyday routine for video game players, who save and restart their digital selves, and for social media users, who can delete and restore their profiles.”