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  1. Nov 2019
    1. Psychology has much to offer to the design of technology—from understanding what people need, to identifying their preferences for design characteristics, and to defining their capabilities and limitations that will influence technology interactions. Our goal in this article is to identify how research in the field of psychology and aging has advanced understanding of technology interactions.

      This article strives to explore the psychological science and interactions between older adults and different advance technologies (i.e. digital learning environments, home-based technology systems). The article provides preliminary information on the various capacities as older adults may encounter technology in their every day life and some of the common perceptions. The article then clarifies that the purpose of the research is to identify the source of the age-related differences and variables. The CREATE Model of Aging and Technology is reviewed to provide a framework on how to best design technological systems to ensure older adult compatibility. The article closes by confirming that older adults do have a higher rate and probability of being slower to adapt to advanced technologies, but frustrations can occur with all ages- not just older adults alone. (Rating: 9/10)