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  1. Jan 2016
    1. hen you begin a Workshop, you have the conscious intent to draw exclusively from within, to not place your attention outside yourself. No attempts are made to control the environment, or the order of events or the nature of the questions. Everything is grist for the mill. You are the one who takes breaks periodically for “relief” from that mode of being. I will tell you something: We are pushing through this supposed need for “relief.” Indeed, the timing of the breaks 1 has occurred because they are in order, but your shift of attention to “Paul, the Channeler” and “externals” is not. Now, I will tell you something else: I am not pushing you. I am reflecting the demand of your Being for congruence! I am doing this so that you might know what the pressure is, and not misunderstand the need. This is not a learning that you can choose to learn whenever you feel like it. You are bigger and you must embrace it.

      Raj speaks with Paul about a 'supposed' need for relief from Being.

      Raj speaks about the call from Self for congruence.