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  1. Mar 2024
    1. Alas, thrice-gentle Cassio,My advocation is not now in tune.

      The fact that Desdemona is sometimes represented as divinity, as a guardian angel, shows that the fact that Othello is rejecting her advocation shows he is falling into his devil, into his inner Iago -- he is losing touch with God, with righteousness (while ironically thinking he is doing the right thing by being civil)

    2. But I will have my lord and you againAs friendly as you were

      She is like a goddess, bringing things from destruction back into order, and having people worship her like Cassio as her "true servant"

    3. s.Hail to thee, lady, and the grace of heaven

      Always referred to side by side with the angels or grace of heaven

    4. our great captain’s captain

      Guardian angel of Othello himself

    5. As having sense of beauty, do omitTheir mortal natures, letting go safely byThe divine Desdemona

      Is Desdemona somehow the only figure that can ease the storm, falter the wrath that Iago brings, Othello's source of protection and of hope? Juxtaposition between heavenly and mortal world, the opposite of evil himself, Iago

  2. Jan 2016
    1. It addresses you in terms of your divinity and says, wake up! And it addresses you in the language of your humanity so that you might comprehend it.

      Our Divinity and our humanity... Jalan Cinta Sanctuary..