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  1. Jun 2016
    1. or group to seclude themselves

      Group privacy is much more infrequently discussed than individual privacy. At least in Euro-American contexts. Quite likely a very important bias.

  2. Apr 2016
    1. Unless the switch to a European model for notarial services becomes complete
    2. literacy in Latin script
    3. “free thinker” has a specific meaning in liberal societies with a European background

      Yet people assume that the issue of Free Will is a universal obsession. As per Foucault’s episteme, the notion is so strong as to restrict the imagination.

    4. the history of writing and the printing press in Europe

      Though we always point out that moveable type didn’t wait for Gutenberg to have an impact, the master narrative of Occidentalism spends an inordinate amount of time focusing on the printing press as the key moment in history.