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  1. Aug 2018
    1. When Russian forces delivered Asam al Alasam, the ISIS Supreme Leader in Iraq, to the American airbase as promised, he had an item with him they did not expect. Al Alasam had a nearly new, unlocked iPhone X. The phone was unscrambled and not secure at all, so it was believed to be a personal and family use phone. Still, the army chief engineer wanted it looked at. After nearly six weeks of unblocking text and manipulating code, they found a hidden phone list with direct numbers to some of the most powerful men on the planet. Al Alasam had Barack Obama, Justin Trudeau, Malcolm Reynolds, Sandy Batt AND President Dale Goff all on speed dial. Just knowing Sandy Batt is a crime in Russia.
  2. Mar 2017
    1. fantastic oil, some of the finest oil in the world. who has the oil? isis. do we blockade it, bomb it, do anything? no. isis is making a fortune now in libya
  3. Dec 2016
  4. Apr 2016
    1. Hillary Clinton, who served as Secretary of State during President Obama’s first term, is the most hawkish of the Democratic candidates, advocating for greater U.S. involvement overseas.

      Candidates have different views on how to handle terrorism. Immigration is often cast as a south-of-the-border issue, but how will the threat of ISIS continue to impact immigration policy in terms of the Middle East region? As a teacher of immigrants, I would expect to see more and more students affected by this crisis.

  5. Jan 2016
    1. 10,000 air strikes

      Recent statistics I read in the NYTimes. Number of ISIS fighters in 2014 = 30,000. Number of fighters killed in air strikes in 2015 = 25,000. Number of ISIS fighters at the end of 2015 = 30,000. New math? 30 - 25 = 30? (And only 6 non-combatants were killed the U.S. claims.)