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  1. Mar 2020
    1. In seinem Buch "Totalität und Unendlichkeit: Versuch über die Exteriorität” schrieb der französische Philosoph Emmanuel Lévinas: "Indem der Andere die Freiheit zur Verantwortung ruft, setzt er sie ein und rechtfertigt sie." Verantwortung für sich und andere zu übernehmen, ist die erwachsenste Form der Freiheit.
  2. Oct 2015
    1. This predicament, which is entirely unavoidable, refigures ethics as something beyond individual choice. Yes, I make decisions about who or what might enter my home, who or what has access to my Twitter feed, but this only happens in the face of an ever-present exposedness to others. Prior to the large-scale availability of networked computational devices, Levinas described the relation that defines networked life. Levinas likens this predicament to that of the hostage, and he suggests that if “we” as humans share anything at all, it is this experience of being held hostage by another that resists representation, that arrives over and beyond our attempts to make sense of that other.

      The basis for a networked ethics...the fact that we are all always and already connected to others.