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  1. Jul 2021
    1. Yes. I took ten grams at once. It wasn't bad; an hour later I felt incredibly relaxed, like I was just the teeniest bit high, but not much other than that. Not the cheapest habit to maintain, but it was a good one-time experiment.

      This is the highest dose of L-theanine I've seen taken. At one dolar per 10 grams, It's actually reasonably affordable to take daily for medical purposes. I may try it, but I'm unlikely to implement it long term. If it's a significant effect, it would be a useful tool. However, I'd be concerned about tolerance.

  2. Jun 2021
    1. L-theanine augmentation of antipsychotic therapy can ameliorate positive, activation, and anxiety symptoms in schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder patients.

      This is not surprising. It seems that L-theanine is clinically useful in the exact ways one would expect.