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  1. Mar 2021
    1. But, innovative, technologically advanced learning environments still benefit from a solid foundation in adult learning theory, instrumental theories like John B. Watson's Behaviorism, Lev Vygotsky's Social Development Theory, Jack Mezirow's Critical Reflection and John M. Dirkx's Nurturing Soul in Adult Learning. These theories should serve as the foundation for an enriched online learning experience.

      This resource gives a description of foundations in adult learning theory, discusses behaviorism, social development theory, and critical reflection. Knowledge in these theories can help set a foundation for an enriched online learning experience. Rating: 7/10

    1. The learning needs for adults that result from the constant increase in technology are rooted in the adult learning concepts of (a) andragogy, (b) self-directed learning, (c) learning-how-to-learn, (d) real-life learning, and (e) learning strategies.

      Study that describes learning strategies for adults to use and to engage in an online auction process. The findings can be great for researching learning strategies for adults.

  2. Nov 2019
    1. Motivation is a key element whichfacilitates students to adopt different learning strategies according to high, moderate and low level of motivation. The research aimed to identify the relationship between the levels of motivation in prospective teachers and their learning strategies.

      This research article conducted by two researchers aimed to assess the correlation between motivation and learning strategies at the higher education level among teachers. Various information outlined in the article is valuable, such as the various learning strategies commonly adopted by educators and brief descriptions of each. In addition, the concluding findings from the research showcased that high motivation came from different varying learning strategies among the 300 surveyed- reinforcing the idea that all learners learn differently. This informed is useful as various findings and elements highlighted in other research articles state declare that learner’s must identify and adopt learning strategies that work best for them. (Rating: 6/10)