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  1. Nov 2019
    1. your assumptions about learners align nicely with a body of thought known as “adult learning theory,” pioneered mainly by Malcolm Knowles beginning in the 1950s. Knowles led community-based education programs and started to notice that the adults in his classes seemed to learn differently than school-age students

      This webpage sponsored by Portland Community College provides a six question "True or False" assessment. After completing, the article states that if you answered True to most of the statements, then the assumptions align with Malcolm's Adult Learning theory. The article reviews in detail on how most adults need to know why they need the information; most learners need to have the ability to incorporate their past experiences in their learning; learners are motivated by different elements and factors; and that all learners are diverse (i.e. ages, learning styles) and efforts should be made to be aware of the difference/similarities. The article concludes by reaffirming that facilitators should be aware of the diversity of the learners using different strategies and make an attempt to become aware of what motivates them. (Rating: 6/10)