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  1. May 2019
    1. 15 mM CaCl2.2H2O 250 mM KCl 55 mM MnCl2.4H2O pH was adjusted to 6.7 with 1 N KOH. MnCl2needsto beaddedseparately,drop by drop with stirring, tothe buffer. PIPES goes into solutionwhenpH is greater than 6.7. The solution, after pH adjustment to 6.7 was filter-sterilized and stored at -20ºC.Reagents for yeast transformation:1 M Lithium acetate (LiOAc)50% Polyethylene glycol10 mg/ml Carrier DNADimethylsulfoxide (DMSO)
    2. INOUE transformation buffer:For bacterial DH5α ultra-competent cells preparation10 mM PIPES (free acid)
    1. Extraction buffer
    2. 10XBinding buffer
    3. Agarose gel
    4. Nuclear lysis buffer (without protease inhibitors
    5. Permeabilisation buffer: 0.2% Triton X100
    6. Stripping buffer
    7. Blocking buffer
    8. TBS-T
    9. Transfer buffer
    10. (f) Running buffer
    11. (e) Stacking polyacrylamide gel
    12. (d) Resolvingpolyacrylamide gel
    13. (c) 6X Protein loading buffer (Lammeli buffer)
    14. (b) Celllysis buffer B(For IB)
    15. Cell lysis bufferA(For IP)
    16. (b) Tris Buffered Saline (TBS)