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  1. Oct 2013
    1. In a word, nature is the material for learning; the one forms, and the other is formed. Art can do nothing without material, which has its value even independent of art; but perfection of art is of more consequence than perfection of material.

      Not nature vs. learning. Nature is the material for learning.

  2. Sep 2013
    1. I should answer that natural ability is paramount and comes before all else

      Natural ability is most important in Isocrates's school.

    2. first of all, have a natural aptitude for that which they have elected to do; secondly, they must submit to training and master the knowledge of their particular subject, whatever it may be in each case; and, finally, they must become versed and practised in the use and application of their art

      Against the Sophists (16).

    1. For ability, whether in speech or in any other activity, is found in those who are well endowed by nature and have been schooled by practical experience.

      Isocrates's idea of 'being skillful,' which is composed of 'being naturally talented,' 'having learned,' and 'having practiced.'