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  1. Oct 2020
    1. Provide next stepsAsk yourself, What about the world can my readers better appreciate thanks to my article? Share where they go next to continue the journey they started with you. For a writing guide such as this, I might conclude by sharing the bloggers whose work I enjoy. Then I might urge you to reverse engineer their articles and study what makes them great.
    2. Writing an outroOutros are optional. If you include one, it should frame why your article was worth reading. There are two tricks for doing this.Share a poignant takeawayIdentify your article’s significance by re-reading it and asking, “What was this really about? What was I trying to say?” Distill the answer into a single, punchy sentence. Make readers think, “I should memorize this witty advice.” You can also include a relevant quote from someone your readers respect.