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  1. Feb 2014
    1. So when Harpagus withdrew his army from the walls, the Phocaeans launched their fifty-oared ships

      1.164 The Phocaeans escape from Harpagos and the Persian Army as the siege lines retreat.

    2. But the Phocaeans, very indignant at the thought of slavery, said they wanted to deliberate for a day, and then they would answer;

      1.162 In response to Harpagos's terms of surrender, the Phocaeans send back terms of their own terms, requesting time to deliberate.

    3. Harpagus marched against the city and besieged it, but he made overtures, and said that it would suffice him if the Phocaeans would demolish one rampart of the wall and dedicate one house.

      1.164 Before the siege can really get underway, Harpagos preemptively allows the Phocaeans to surrender.

    4. Phocaea was the first Ionian town that he attacked.

      1.163 Harpagos, a general and representative of the Achaemenids, begins his conquest of Ionia in the name of Cyrus. His conquest starts at Phocaea and captures the city with a siege.