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  1. Jul 2017
    1. that economic rela- tionships are also social relationships in that they presuppose a definite social, political, cultural and legal con

      Again, economic relationship is also social relationship in Marx's eyes. Because both relationships co-exist.

      In Marx's idea, superstructure is the base for other infrastructure, all ideas rely on superstructure. Superstructure can be looked at as the foundation.

    2. superstructure.

      the foundation of social relations that includes the common and specialized knowledge, legal structure, shared belief systems, and the accords reached by subordinate ideologies and dominant ideologies. As social relations are the basis of economic production, such a capability originates in the social (superstructure).

    1. Social Change

      caused by conflict between the oweners of material productions and the producers which results in a change in the economic bases. This then leads to a transformation of the superstructure.

    2. Superstructure

      these are the ideas and culture of a given stage which are derived from the modes of production