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  1. Mar 2024
    1. If after every tempest come such calms,May the winds blow till they have wakened death,And let the laboring bark climb hills of seasOlympus-high, and duck again as lowAs hell’s from heaven!

      It is almost like he is welcoming the Tempest, because he feels as if nothing can ruin it now, with Desdemona -- this is a literal inviting of Iago to come ruin it. It is to show that his defencelessness and overconfidence invites the inner beast within to come rupture it.



  2. Oct 2023
    1. "Without the right to tinker and explore, we risk becoming enslaved by technology; and the more we exercise the right to hack, the harder it will be to take that right away" - Andre "Bunnie" Huang

      hah, we are already "enslaved by technology". ask Ted Kaczynski

      our enemies already have hardware backdoors, compromising emissions (tempest), closed-source firmware/drivers/hardware, ... but sure, "feel free"

  3. Dec 2019
    1. Tempest and Midixsummer Night’s Dream

      Two of Shakespeare's more fanciful plays, The Tempest and A Midsummer Night's Dream explore the limits of the human form through its characters: the grotesque monster-human hybrid Caliban in The Tempest and the comical Bottom from Midsummer, a human with the head of an ass.

      Shelley is conscious of Frankenstein's play with generic convention, and the role genre has in its agreement with representation of reality. In his review of the first edition in 1818 for Edinburgh Magaizine, Sir Walter Scott seems cognizant of the shift in consciousness. He notes: "The real events of the world have, in our day, too, been of so wondrous and gigantic a kind--the shiftings of the scenes in our stupendous drama have been so rapid and various, that Shakespeare himself, in his wildest flights, has been completely distanced by the eccentricities of actual existence."

    2. Shakespeare, in the Tempest and Midv1_ixsummer Night’s Dream

      Despite the comparison of these Shakespeare plays to Greek tragic poetry, The Tempest and A Midsummer Night's Dream are romances, not tragedies. Nonetheless, both romance and tragedy are genres to which this novel is deeply indebted.

  4. Apr 2018
    1. Tempest的测试结果有四种:测试错误(Error)、测试失败(Failure)、跳过(Skip)、成功(Success)。其含义分别如下

      Tempest 测试的4种结果

      • Error -- 错误 -- Tempest测试代码执行时报错
      • Failure -- 失败 -- 测试代码执行正常,但是没有得到预期测试结果
      • Skip -- 跳过 -- 测试忽略
      • Success -- 成功 -- 测试用例执行成功。测试程序返回预期结果
    1. Running Tests

      ostestr 部分命令 ostestr openstack文档部分介绍

      • running Tests
      • Test Selection
      • Output Options
    1. Nose identified them as tests since they had the word "tests" as part of their name, and that is one of the things nose uses to identify what is a test and what is not

      nosetests 会根据是否带有‘tests’一词作为其名称的一部分,来作为识别什么是测试,什么不是测试



    1. Overview of the current Scenario tests

      tempest scenario tests,tempest场景测试用例,相关简要概述,以及需要用到的openstack services

    2. $ testr run --parallel tempest.

      run tempest

      ### 使用testr测试工具
      # testr run --parallel xxxx
      ### 使用nosetests测试工具
      # nosetests -vx xxxxx
    1. 如何执行 tempest
      • tempest init workdir 初始化目录
      • tempest run --list-tests 列出可执行的测试列表
      • tempest run --serial --regex xxx
      • testr run xxx
      • nosetests -vx xxx
  5. Mar 2017