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  1. May 2021
    1. The only problem is that Kubeflow Pipelines must be deployed on a Kubernetes Cluster. You will struggle with permissions, VPC and lots of problems to deploy and use it if you are in a small company that uses sensitive data, which makes it a bit difficult to be adoptedVertex AI solves this problem with a managed pipeline runner: you can define a Pipeline and it will executed it, being responsible to provision all resources, store all the artifacts you want and pass them through each of the wanted steps.

      How Vertex AI solves the problem/need of deploying on a Kubernetes Cluster

    2. Vertex AI came from the skies to solve our MLOps problem with a managed — and reasonably priced—alternative. Vertex AI comes with all the AI Platform classic resources plus a ML metadata store, a fully managed feature store, and a fully managed Kubeflow Pipelines runner.

      Vertex AI - Google Cloud’s new unified ML platform