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  1. Oct 2020
    1. Clear writing starts with clear thinking:What am I really trying to say?What is the key point I need to make?How can I make that key point easy to understand?We'll explore two tools for increasing clarity: Simple sentencesExamples and counterexamples
    1. Sustaining your momentumWhen ideas stop flowing, ask yourself:How can I make my point more convincing?What are the interesting implications of what I just said?Repeatedly ask these two questions and keep moving in whichever direction interests you most.
    1. Question examplesIf you’re writing about bodybuilding, interesting questions might include: Can you build a significant amount of muscle within three months? How do all the celebrities playing superheroes do it?Turn this into a hook → Yes, you can build a significant amount of muscle in three months. I’ll walk you through how celebrities do it.Is it possible to build all that muscle without going to the gym? Can you buy affordable home equipment instead?Turn this into a hook → You can build that muscle without going to the gym. There’s affordable home equipment that makes it possible.‍