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  1. Feb 2021
  2. Oct 2019
    1. Sur cette terre exorcisée, larguée a la dérive de sa précieuse intention maléfique

      Césaire emploie une assonance en [e] dans cet extrait. Il parle encore de la Martinique. En utilisant le champ lexique de la nature et de l’enfer.

  3. Oct 2018
  4. Jun 2016
    1. leave these

      Assonance of "leave these". Purpose? A lyric aid to memory. I think you will find an attention to detail in this sonnet of Still's that is all about helping the reader to memorize the poem. I used to have eighth graders memorize this poem in an 80 minute block. Not possible without the careful attention to lyric rhetoric here. The assonance, repetition, rhyme, alliteration, and all the other lyric tools reside in this eminently memorizable poem.