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  1. Aug 2021
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      Many lessons learned, almost lost. Thanks archive.org

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    1. Several areas of inquiry emerge in this narrative, a gold mine of topics to inform any look at effective VW instructional design.

    2. Then Reality Struck! 

      Yes! Object lessons in managing synchronous activity among twenty or thirty users.

    1. Today my genetics class visited Second Life for the first time. 

      The year 2007 found a great many educators—including former educators like me—gathering in Second Life. That was after the goldrush. (see The Second Life hype cycle - 2007)

      A multitude of lessons in design have been learned, and the gatherings have continued. Where can new users, educators entering like those in 2007, find tips and tricks and strategies honed by the veteran around in 2007?


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  2. Jul 2021
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