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  1. May 2023
    1. After 29 billion USD in 2 yrs, Metaverse is still where it was and where Second Life already was in 2003 (Linden Labs and their product Second Life still exist and have been profitable since their start.) I warned a client about jumping into this stuff that Meta while the talk and the walk were not a single thing beyond capabilities that have existed for two decades. https://www.zylstra.org/blog/2022/02/was-second-life-ahead-or-metaverse-nothing-really-new/ en https://www.zylstra.org/blog/2021/11/metaverse-reprise/ Good thing they didn't change their name to anything related .....

  2. Aug 2021
    1. personal terminals that project a high-quality virtual reality display onto goggles worn by the user, or from grainy black and white public terminals in booths.

      black and white

    1. These are some historical locations and settings throughtout Second Life.

      Thank You Charlize Wemyss

    1. Edit: Use this link, instead.

      Found at last

      Many lessons learned, almost lost. Thanks archive.org

      Note: Other captures may have different content...?

    1. Site Preview HUD

      Howdy Max!!!

      A cool tool born of need after VWBPE 2013.

      Mary Anne Clark's Genome Island serves up a master class in virtual world pedagogy, along with the genetics course content.

    1. Star Trek and STEM Education

      Plans for The Virtual Cell include a space port. Would that scene best be served with a Star Trek theme? How about steam punk?

    1. Several areas of inquiry emerge in this narrative, a gold mine of topics to inform any look at effective VW instructional design.

    1. the wealth of apples.

      Are these apples, or any of the other delectable goodies on Genome Island, stored in an OAR (or LOR)? Can one find apples of the same design in OSGrid or another VW?

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    2. We had quite a rough orientation experience. 

      Orientation at Genome Island has evolved, and the pedagogy of 3-D design is there to be observed. Has there been a need to document the design principles for an effective orientation experience? What are the instructions provided for teachers, like the instructor who sent the Peruvian students ?

    3. Today my genetics class visited Second Life for the first time. 

      The year 2007 found a great many educators—including former educators like me—gathering in Second Life. That was after the goldrush. (see The Second Life hype cycle - 2007)

      A multitude of lessons in design have been learned, and the gatherings have continued. Where can new users, educators entering like those in 2007, find tips and tricks and strategies honed by the veteran around in 2007?

  3. Jul 2021
    1. Media Cafe

      Visitors to this Second Life coffee shop could wear their own objects.

      • like the Matrix-styled sunglasses attached to my avatar's nose with its own website. .
  4. Mar 2019
    1. so it won't be Linden Lab (Second Life, Sansar) nor Philip Rosedale (Second Life, High Fidelity) creating the metaverse, but Fortnite and its players/users.