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  1. Jan 2023
  2. Apr 2022
    1. Dominic Williams, founder and chief scientist of the Dfinity Foundation commented in a statement: “The NNS now means the Internet Computer is feature complete. It represents a seminal moment in the history of the internet. For the first time, internet services will be governed in a completely independent, decentralized manner. It is the technical solution to the systemic problems Big Tech has created with its monopoly over the internet, a public utility that should be completely open — bringing back the concept of the programmable web. The NNS is the catalyst for the open internet we were promised in the 1990s, and it ensures that the future of the internet remains open and free.”
  3. Mar 2022
    1. Now you get it, this is the goal: free economy through free currency.

      But how are those two linked? This is the classic logical fallacy / sleight of hand of most currency oriented blockchain stuff ... how on earth does creating your own currency give anyone more freedom?

      Created money (including us dollars etc) only get value to the extent they are convertible into something with "use-value". Sure, control of the currency gives some power but it is relatively minor compared to the big question of the "real economy" where production and exchange of "real" stuff actually happens.

  4. Feb 2022
    1. It aims to build a decentralized, scalable cloud-like platform that can store data, perform computation, and support community-driven governance. It’s addressing the issues plaguing traditional internet, such as relatively low data security and an oligopoly consisting of big tech companies.
  5. Jan 2022
    1. Tokenholders can access the rapidly developing set of tools for decentralized organizations and 10X their ability to find each other, create a sense of mission and belonging, and coordinate action across geographies.

      10x their ability! Wow that's pretty amazing.

    2. Crypto has transformed grassroots-level organizing. For the first time in history, it is possible to economically align networks of strangers into working together by using programmable incentives and providing them with tools to make decisions and govern shared resources in a decentralized manner.

      How? How has crypto transformed this? Why and how is it "the first time in history to economically align networks of strangers"? Didn't markets do that?

      Or if the emphasis is the 2nd part of the sentence then it begs the questions of: "how". How are programmable incentives doing that?

  6. Apr 2021
    1. John Company: Second Edition is a dramatic reimagining of the first edition that took over two years of extensive design and production work. 
  7. Mar 2021
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  9. Nov 2020
  10. Sep 2020
    1. I think that we should be willing (taking the risk) to make bold changes, as long as they fit in the direction we see the community going in the long term (with Material-UI empowering it).
  11. Aug 2020
    1. Whereas histamine stimulates parietal cells’ excretion of hydrochloric acid through activation of adenylyl cyclase, somatostatin directly opposes this action; somatostatin receptor activation on parietal cells inhibits adenylyl cyclase. This is a form of negative feedback.

      Understanding the interactions here and the negative feedback process is important.

    2. gastrin, histamine, and acetylcholine operate synergistically to promote hydrochloric acid excretion. When operating in concert, the effects of gastrin, histamine, and acetylcholine are greater-than-additive

      Understanding the great-than-additive effect of these signaling molecules working in concert is important. Some students in the summer 2020 class were unsure what this meant, so it may be helpful to add to this description to clarify this greater-than-additive effect, which can also be described as synergistic. This could be something like, "The simultaneous signaling of all three of these molecules produces a synergistic effect that is stronger than the sum of the effects they each produce separately."

  12. Dec 2018
    1. their business

      "THEIR business" Interesting that this claim to partnership is right up front -- in the first item on the list. It's the starting point for what follows.

  13. May 2017
    1. is being eradicated by experimental filmmakers such as Peter Greenaw

      Hmmmm . . . has anyone else seen a film by Peter Greenaway? I was curious what this would look like, so I went through his imdb, and I haven't seen (and had barely heard of) any of his projects, which suggests to me that Manovich is perhaps an unreliable source if he believes Greenaway is successfully eradicating narrative.

  14. Feb 2016