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  1. Apr 2024
    1. Wassermangel gefährdet inzwischen den Schiffsverkehr durch den Panamakanal und damit die internationale Versorgung mit Agrarprodukten, aber auch mit Flüssiggas. Die Trockenheit ist ein Ergebnis veränderter Niederschlagsmuster, die in diesem Jahr durch das El Niño-Phänomen verstärkt werden.

  2. Jun 2023
  3. Oct 2017
    1. All in all, President Trump’s speech to the U.N. Assembly utilized many demagogic strategies that Miller identifies within her articles. It is concerning that our current President is using such extreme tactic in his rhetoric. I hope the ability within America to freely criticise through open discourse will prevent President Trump’s persuasion towards polarization. However, I have already noticed polarization caused by Trump’s rhetoric within the United States. Thus, it is a fear of mine that this speech will create polarization on a national level as well.

      You do a nice job discussing potential connections between this speech and RM's concepts. Some work, others seem a little strained (e.g. the North Korea examples). If you choose to develop this you may wish to look at other speeches by Trump - for example his speech accepting the nomination, and his inauguration day speech ("American carnage").

    2. Miller illustrates a few examples of strategies used within demagoguery that can cause such polarization. For instance, the use of god and devil terms causing slipperiness, the use of victimization, motivisism, apocalyptic metanarrative, and in-group/out-group rhetoric, are a few of these strategies that Miller argues demagogues use towards their goal of polarization.

      Nice distillation of RM's definition of the characteristics of demagoguery.

    1. redible media source should not have any of these simple mistakes, as media professionals understand that editing and presentation before publishing is vital to their credibility as a whole and audience respect.

      Promising evaluation of the two texts.You pose some useful critical questions. I think analysis of sources may have been derailed (not sure you found the original sources).

    2. FORCES International, who wrote this article, are a biased organization in favor of r

      I think this group may have re-published the piece. The original is published on the CATO site.

    3. In other words, although Miller’s rhetorical strategy can heighten the support of readers who agree with his values, it can also heighten the anger and motivation of the disagreeing audience as well

      Yes - this may even be his aim.

    1. evaluate information independently” (Boyd, p. 181).  Otherwise, youth will continue to “look for new intermediaries” to help them determine what’s valuable amongst the internet, instead of being able to critically assess the credibility and quality of information they access themselves. (Boyd, p. 186).

      You capture two of B's key claims well - nice work.

    2. It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens, Boyd discusses this assumption, illustrating how it is dangerous to our future as a society that lies ahead.

      Nice overview of Boyd's argument!

  4. Sep 2017
    1. This text structure in “Sundiata,” represents the effect of an “improvised call-and-response format” (

      Excellent observation! This is central to the performance of the story.

    2. a redundant manner or formula so that it becomes ingrained in memory. In the “Sundiata” text, redundancy is utilized with repetitive words and phrases. For instance, the word “And,” as well as the phrase, “If he be the man,” are two examples of this redundancy used in the text. This repetition creates a rhythm that is infectious and therefore easily remembered.

      This is good and shows promising. Try in the homework assignments to delve a little more deeply into textual analysis. "Spell out" your analysis more fully and provide more examples.

    3. For instance, the “Sundiata” transcription focuses on proverbs and phrases that are short and affective in provoking the audience to feel the emotion being illustrated

      Yes, and are also easier to remember when composing and performing.

    4. That is to say, the importance of structure, such as the rules of grammar, is not valued as it is in written cultures.

      I would say this slightly differently. Both forms of communication have a grammar, but they are different. As Ong says, oral composition (and speech generally) tends to be "paratactic," and written communication is (or is more likely to be) "paratactic."

    5. A few of these claims that can be applied to “Sundiata” are: “Additive Rather Than Subordinative,” “Redundant or Copious,” and lastly, “Empathetic and Participatory Rather than Objectively Distanced.”

      Good - these are indeed central aspects of oral composition and culture.