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  1. Nov 2023
    1. COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of care and calls for a change in how it is valued and prioritized

      crisis point, now care crisis has come into focus. i like how she didn't focus just on this but took into account long-term systematic problems with the UK's social care system. but not so convinced by the suggestions because the analysis is specific but suggestions are ideological and vague rather than practical.

    2. s-subsidization from more productive parts of the economy and public investment in the care sector

      suggestion of what to do, are there any more?

    3. Advice given to healthcare workers focused on self-care,

      self-care as a type of get of jail free card, could be expanded more

    4. e crisis highlighted the importance of essential workers like supermarket cashiers and care workers, but these workers are often undervalued, especially those who are women or people of color.

      back to be undervalued now but were semi valued- performative, article on clap for the NHS

    5. The focus on profit-making and cost-efficiency meant that there were no reserves or adequate supplies of protective equipment.

      profit comes at the expense of lives- should have made this more prevalent throughout the argument

    1. Self-care can involve setting up supportive networks and making connections between personal experiences and broader social structures.Taking care of oneself is an act of resistance against societal messages that devalue certain lives.

      also acknowledges the other side of the self-care coin!

    2. demands of work and personal life are becoming blurred

      lost balance of work and personal life, I would argue that the media are trying to encourage this FIND EXAMPLE

    3. sure comes from a fear of job insecurity and a lack of support from welfare systems.

      not so sure, links everything back to capitalism??

    4. the pursuit of a "reliable body" in an uncertain world.

      link to no space for female bodies

    5. orthorexia, an eating disorder characterized by an obsession with healthy eating.

      disproportionately affects women, interesting that self-care is considered as part of social care- self- reliance

    1. assroots social movements and self-help groups can often provide better care than professional services, while creating alternative structures that promote mutual aid and reduce reliance on expensive commodities.

      supports charity but acknowledges that it can't be good without gov funding for everyone- unsure?

    1. policies undermine social cohesion and exacerbate social divisions.The text discusses how negative stereotypes and stigmatization of welfare recipients have been perpetuated by government campaigns and media portrayals.

      media and social divisions- sociological approach

    1. A survey carried out across EU countries in 2016 found that among respondents, 44 per cent of women and 30 per cent of men found it difficult to combine paid work with caring responsibilities.8

      uses personal stories, stats and ideology to explain which is quite convincing

    2. The lens of social reproduction helps to identify the unpaid work that is necessary for the production of economic value in a capitalist economy.

      challenges capitalist way of thinking- challenges status quo through lens of social reproduction, Marxist, women's role in the home that contributes to production

    3. Sue feels isolated and wishes she had more support in her life.

      uses real life examples that people like my mum can relate to

    1. ecorded 20 per cent increase in female labour-force participation in OECD countries over the last thirty years.31
    2. reports by the charity organisation Age UK and the Care Quality Commission, the public body that inspects and regulates health and social care in Britain, one in seven older people (1.4 million) were not receiving the care they needed in 2018.5 The Care Quality Commission also reported in 2019 that the number of children with mental health disorders accessing social services had increased by 50 per cent in four years.6


  2. Apr 2021
    1. Nevertheless, Milton does not force the issue concerningbelief in God's mere existence, for that is something he simply assumes; forhim God's existence is a premise much more than a conclusion (see YP 6:130-2). In spite of the radical polarities of belief about God in ParadiseLost, its humans and devils and angels are united in this: they all believethat he is

      I'm glad this is brought up. I think its really interesting that Milton, a devout Christian, was able to write something that retold a story from the bible- the characters being Christian icons- without needing to convince the readers that God is real/Christianity is the path to salvation. His intention was not to convert readers, but to write! By carefully crafting PL's character relationships, the importance of faith is naturally conveyed through the dialogue between all characters.

  3. Feb 2017
    1. Having long flourished in politics and religion, they have also spread into science and medicine

      Convincing arguments are based upon reasoning, of which, says Campbell, there are two kinds: scientific and moral.

  4. Oct 2013
    1. As to the hegemony, then, it is easy enough for you to make up your minds from what has been read to you that it should by right belong to Athens. But, I beg of you, consider well whether I appear to you to corrupt the young by my words, or, on the contrary, to inspire them to a life of valor and of dangers endured for their country; whether I should justly be punished for the words which have been read, or whether, on the contrary, I deserve to have your deepest gratitude for having so glorified Athens and our ancestors and the wars which were fought in those days that the orators who had composed discourses on this theme have destroyed them all, being ashamed of their own efforts, while they who today are reputed to be clever dare no longer to speak upon this subject, but confess the feebleness of their own powers

      This is a convincing way to make the reader view iscorates differently in a good way.