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    1. Pierre Bézier (Renault), a French engineer and one of the founders in the field of solid, geometric and physical modelling and Paul De Casteljau (Citroën), a French Mathematician and physicist developed an algorithm to calculate a family of curves. These curves are named as Bézier curves while the algorithm is named after De Casteljau, DeCasteljau’s algorithm. The algorithm and the Bézier curves are used in almost all the graphic tools. Before the invention of these tools, the software could not understand a shape if it wasn’t a circle, a parabola or a basic line. The availability of hardware that could machine complex 3-D shapes and lack of the software that could not communicate the specifics of those shapes created a gap. The Bézier curves solved this issue. They were used in creating the design of body parts of Renault and Peugeot cars as early as in 1960s.
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