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  1. Dec 2020
    1. goes running around at night in other people’s houses, ruining marriages everywhere, committing such shameful acts with impunity, and doing not an ounce of good.

      Growing up Cupid was THE love icon, People immediately associate the name cupid with some romantic lovey dovey scenarios. I think this is also saying that although love can be beautiful and pure however love can also trigger sadness anger jealousy and the darkest side of everyone so cupid represents love in general but does not represent the good of love

  2. Sep 2016
    1. Wald settled on ey/em — a pronoun set that comes from the ends of the words “they” and “them.”“Now when I introduce my pronouns, I usually say ‘ey/em, or anything else gender-neutral,’” ey said.

      ey and em as non-binary pronouns