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  1. Apr 2023
  2. Aug 2022
    1. Maker Governance moved fast to vote in Debt Auction parameter fixes and changes and additions to the system. The community quickly launched further analytic tools, allowing observers to better follow system fixes and changes. See the changelog.  The zero-bid events of March 12-13 led to a collateral auction shortfall amounting to approximately 5.4M+ Dai. Around 1,200 Maker Vaults became under-collateralized and were subsequently liquidated. As noted above, the Maker community is currently discussing the circumstances surrounding the zero bids and resulting liquidations

      How Maker resaponded to the mempool manipulation

  3. Mar 2022
  4. Sep 2020
    1. Feminism is changing, and Barrett’s replacement of Ruth Bader Ginsburg will show how.

      by being a fantastically terrible person along with other terrible goober shitheads coopting the courts & delegitimizing the government.

  5. May 2020
  6. Aug 2019
    1. A “single-payer” health system is a government-controlled health care system. Government is the “single-payer.” In most versions of single-payer, most private health insurance is either outlawed or restricted, and most public health programs are absorbed into the single, national health insurance program.

      Explain the "Single-payer" system.

  7. Jun 2016
    1. 1FutureReadyLearning

      Reimagining the Role of Technology in Education

  8. Feb 2016
  9. Jun 2015
    1. what we’re doing here is to yank government—upgrade it, patch it, and ultimately transform it so that it is responsive and can interface with this new private sector in a much more effective way.