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    1. When processing an item in your in list the first question you need to ask is: is it actionable?—in other words, do you need to do something? If the answer is NO, you either throw it away if you no longer need it, keep it as reference material (“I will probably need this article again some day…”), add it to a some day/maybe list (for things like “learn Indonesian”), or incubate it. Wait, what‽ Sit on it? Yes, sort of. If it’s something that you want to remind yourself about later (“I really didn’t understand this article, I should have a look at it again in two weeks”) it should go into your calendar or your tickler file which will soon be explained. (Yes, even the weird name.)

      First, ask yourself if the item is actionable. Then, series of stuff you might do: throw away, reference, someday/maybe, incubate (calendar/tickler)

    2. The items on your in list should be processed one by one in the order they appear on your list.

      Items in inbox should be processed in order they appear

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    1. The term was coined by productivity expert Merlin Mann in 2006. Mann's point is that time and attention are finite, and productivity suffers when an inbox is confused with a to-do list.  What is the Inbox Zero approach to email management? - TechTarget According to Mann, the zero isn't a reference to the number of messages in an inbox, but rather "the amount of time an employee's brain is in his inbox." Mann's point is that time and attention are finite, and productivity suffers when an inbox is confused with a to-do list. techtarget.com Inbox Zero Method: How to Inbox Zero in 15 Minutes - Superhuman Blog Oct 31, 2023 — What is the Inbox Zero method? Coined by productivity expert Merlin Mann, Inbox Zero is an email management strategy aimed at keeping your inbox empty. Or as empty as possible, at all times. The goal: triage your inbox quickly to reduce clutter and manage emails effectively. Superhuman Blog What is Inbox Zero – Definition, Example, and FAQ - Mindmesh Popularized by productivity guru Merlin Mann in 2006, inbox zero advocates for an empty or nearly empty inbox. It focuses instead on the most important and urgent emails. Inbox zero uses sorting tools and filters to eliminate unnecessary items — archiving and keeping only the important emails. mindmesh.com (function(){ (this||self).Bqpk9e=function(f,d,n,e,k,p){var g=document.getElementById(f);if(g&&(0!==g.offsetWidth||0!==g.offsetHeight)){var l=g.querySelector("div"),h=l.querySelector("div"),a=0;f=Math.max(l.scrollWidth-l.offsetWidth,0);if(0<d&&(h=h.children,a=h[d].offsetLeft-h[0].offsetLeft,e)){for(var m=a=0;m<d;++m)a+=h[m].offsetWidth;a=Math.min(f,a)}a+=n;d=Math.min(e?f-a:a,f);l.scrollLeft=e&&p?a:e&&k?-a:d;var b=g.getElementsByTagName("g-left-button")[0],c=g.getElementsByTagName("g-right-button")[0];b&&c&&(e= RegExp("\\btHT0l\\b"),k=RegExp("\\bpQXcHc\\b"),b.className=b.className.replace(e,""),c.className=c.className.replace(e,""),b.className=0===d?"pQXcHc "+b.className:b.className.replace(k,""),c.className=d===f?"pQXcHc "+c.className:c.className.replace(k,""),setTimeout(function(){b.className+=" tHT0l";c.className+=" tHT0l"},50))}};}).call(this);(function(){var id='_StdsZa-bFNXSkPIPkcqykAk_9';var index=0;var offset=0;var is_rtl=false;var is_gecko=false;var is_edge=false;var init='Bqpk9e';window[init](id,index,offset,is_rtl,is_gecko,is_edge);})();
    2. "Zero inbox" is an email management strategy that aims to keep your inbox as empty as possible. The goal is to triage your inbox quickly to reduce clutter and manage emails effectively.
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    1. A jungle is a type of forest, though neither term describes a specific biome."Jungle" is often used to refer to tropical rainforests, while "forest" is usually used for temperate forests.Seasonality is the main difference. Temperate forests have winter/spring/summer/fall (or something approximating those), while tropical forests just have wet and dry season.Here's a page about different forest biomes if you're interested. There are different systems for breaking down biomes, but this is a decently straight-forward one.