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    1. The following is a suggested list of points to share with students regarding the potential impact/consequences of opting out of using an eText:

      This list so negatively impacts the student's learning opportunities that opting out really isn't an option. Instead of "inclusive access" this looks more like "required access" or "required purchase" or "coerced purchase."

    1. In its latest incarnation, digital delivery has been cleverly branded as “inclusive access,” a model wherein every student pays a mandatory course materials fee that represents an arbitrary discount off the (arbitrary) price of a new hardcover textbook (often more than the average student currently spends).
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    1. The purpose of these four summits is to create a community of practice focused on developing a culture of shared norms and values that establish an inclusive learning environment, one that prohibits anyone from being disadvantaged or unjustly treated because of social identity or status. The Student Success Summits will offer information, strategies, and guidance to support the identification, integration and implementation of inclusive pedagogical methods that promote discipline-specific learning objectives.
    1. At core, Wiley sees 'commercial' as good, while I don't. More accurately, I think, Wiley sees 'commercial' as the only good, while I think that public and community-based non-commercial alternatives are equally viable.

      commercial vs. public good

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