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  1. Oct 2020
    1. The current buzz about open pedagogy got kick-started in David Wiley’s 2013 blog post. Wiley defined open pedagogy as any approach or technique that would not be possible without the “5Rs” (at the time listed as the “4Rs plus free to access”: free to access, free to reuse, free to revise, free to remix, free to redistribute – the right to retain came later…) of OER.
  2. Oct 2018
  3. Feb 2018
    1. At core, Wiley sees 'commercial' as good, while I don't. More accurately, I think, Wiley sees 'commercial' as the only good, while I think that public and community-based non-commercial alternatives are equally viable.

      commercial vs. public good

    1. Second, helping people understand that courseware is a combination of content and platform – each of which is licensed separately – may reduce the confusion expressed in the question “why are people charging for OER?”

      Openwrapping might be helpful way to explain the relationship between content and platform and reduce some confusion

    1. Apple (Malus × domestica Borkh.) is one of the most important fruit crops in temperate regions. As a long‐lived and woody perennial tree species, apple is affected by numerous environmental stresses, leading to the economic losses.

      Test annotation

  4. Dec 2017
    1. A Renewable Assignment is any assignment where: Students will do the work Faculty will grade the work The work is inherently valuable to someone beyond the class The work is openly published so those other people can find and use (5R) it”
    1. Peer review prior to data collection and analysis is tasked with suggesting improvements to problems in study methodology. This enables authors to improve their study design. Subject to an in-principle acceptance, authors will be able to conduct their research in the knowledge that their research will be published, regardless of the results, and with the confidence that their study methodology has been independently reviewed. This new approach will also offer authors the flexibility to analyze and report unexpected findings.

      Wouldn't annotation be a great way to get feedback on these results?

  5. Jul 2017
    1. I continue to believe that every time we use the word “textbook” to describe the work we’re doing with OER we paint ourselves a little further into the corner of traditional thinking about teaching and learning resources.
  6. May 2017
    1. OER-enabled pedagogy is the set of teaching and learning practices only possible or practical when you have permission to engage in the 5R activities.
  7. Apr 2017
    1. I think the locking down of open is dangerous. I think it draws lines where they need not be, and it reconsolidates power for those who define it. More than that, the power around open has been pretty focused on a few people for too long, and I count myself amongst them.


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  10. Jul 2016
    1. students who used the free online textbook scored higher on departmental final examinations, had higher grade point averages in the class and had higher retention rates
  11. Apr 2016
    1. Web Annotations

      Obvious case for h. Imagine the possibilities of linked open data used in annotating presentations which would be part of scholarly books along with all the necessary material? The mind wanders…

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